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Your Texas Music is dedicated to Texas music of any stripe — from gospel, classical, jazz, country, and hip-hop, to blues, bluegrass, rock, Americana, and folk — you name it.

We're fans of struggling, undiscovered artists, working and paying their dues. We're also fans of people who have paid their dues, but for one reason or another have never gained admission to major label stardom.

Your Texas Music is the place to go for tickets to shows by Texas artists, Texas music CDs on independent labels, Texas music downloads, and art by Texas artists.

Your State — Your Music.

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To search for an item, simply type the artist name or album title (or a portion of it) into the box to the left and hit GO.

Example #1: If you want to search for a CD by Trish Murphy and you cannot remember if it is spelled "Murphy" or "Murphey," simply type in "MUR" and hit GO. The search will bring up all the Trish Murphy CDs we have.

Example #2: If you cannot remember if it is Tish or Trish Murphy, type in "ISH" and hit GO. The search will bring up both Trish Murphy and Tish Hinojosa.

Venues - You may also type in the name of a venue such as "Anderson" and hit GO. The search will bring up all current listings for Anderson Fair.

Dates - If you type in the name of a month (or the first 3 letters), the search will not find it, but if you then click on the extensive search (right under Search Results, it will list everything we have listed for that month. But be aware that any artist that has a month in their name will also be shown—Houston Marchman, June Carter, April Stevens, etc. So check the dates carefully after making such a search.

NOTE: This search only finds terms in product names (initial search) and their short descriptions (extensive search). It does not search for terms in the detailed descriptions, track listings, etc. Sorry!
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