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Danny Schmidt--Make Right the Time
Danny Schmidt--Make Right the Time

Go ahead. Buy it. You know you want to.
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Product Code: CD-DS-MRTT

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Here's what Danny has to say about it:

"When I started making this album -- I looked at the pile of songs I had to pick through -- especially the more recent tracks -- and it looked to me like this was gonna be a fairly political album. Which, in a sense, is true of the way things turned out.

Problem is, when I started telling people I was making a political album, it didn't sound right. It isn't right. It's taken me awhile to figure out why that is, exactly.

It's cause my sense of politics is very personal. It's not about swashbuckling ideologies. It's about each of our personal histories, our psychological idiosyncrasies and our spiritual leanings all coming to together to inform our sense of politics -- our sense of how the world should run, or be run.

So, yes, this album is about the state of the world, the way I see it. But it's certainly not trying to impart some sort of agenda. I don't even think these songs and ideas are put into the world to be agreed with, or disagreed with. They're the end product of my ruminations over the last couple years. That's it. Just like when my mind is preoccupied with thoughts of a lover, it churns out a love song. The world's weighed heavy on my mind the last couple years -- so my mind chewed on things for awhile and spit out Make Right the Time.

It's a political collection of tunes. And a personal one. And a spiritual one.

So, there you go.

Artist Info
Cleopatra is the story of a man and woman meeting at a bar -- and falling into a little game by which they make up lives for themselves,that are more interesting than their real ones. I think there's sparks between these two. But, sadly, Cleopatra panics and flees when she realizes that, quite by accident, there's something real going on between them.

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