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Your Texas Music is dedicated to Texas music of any stripe — from gospel, classical, jazz, country, and hip-hop, to blues, bluegrass, rock, Americana, and folk — you name it.

We're fans of struggling, undiscovered artists, working and paying their dues. We're also fans of people who have paid their dues, but for one reason or another have never gained admission to major label stardom.

Your Texas Music is the place to go for tickets to shows by Texas artists, Texas music CDs on independent labels, Texas music downloads, and art by Texas artists.

Your State — Your Music.

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Even though most people use search engines to look for specific product, we're from an earlier generation and we like to have things classed and grouped in advance. Of course that means we did some of the work in advance, but that's ok.
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Christine Albert - Texafrance Christine Albert - TexaFrance - Encore!
Ticket Price: $11.99
Ticket Price: $11.99
Christine Albert - Texafrance Christine Albert - TexaFrance-Encore!
Eddie Hobizal - Anamnesis Infinite Partials-End of Begin
Ticket Price: $11.99
Ticket Price: $9.99
Eddie Hobizal - Anamnesis
Kevin Carroll - Tourmaline Michael Austin - Thick 'n Thin
Ticket Price: $14.99
Ticket Price: $14.99
Kevin Carroll Michael Austin - Thick 'n Thin
We first saw Kevin at MoJo Risin' at the invitation of Mike Meadows of porterdavis. The crowd was thin and Kevin a little laid back. The next time we saw him was with Rick Poss at Kenny Pipe's Almost Austin House concerts. The crowd was rockin' and the wailin' guitar playin' Kevin was in full bloom. It was a great show, and Kevin deserves your support.
Michael Fracasso--Red Dog Blues Michael Hearne--High Road To Taos
Ticket Price: $9.99
Ticket Price: $14.99
With the aid of producer David Hamburger and arranger Beaumont La Grange, Michael explores swing rhythms, and deeper roots song structures and harmonies. Stretching out from his usual excellent guitar playing to sitting at the piano on some songs, Michael purposely forces himself in new musical directions. The good news: it sounds great!
Murry Hammond--I Don't Know Where I'm Going But I'm On My Way Polyphonic Spree--Wait
Ticket Price: $9.99
Ticket Price: $5.00
Reverend Horton Heat--Revival Roy Bennett
Ticket Price: $13.00
Ticket Price: $11.99
Scott H. Biram--Graveyard Shift Two High String Band--Insofarasmuch
Ticket Price: $11.99
Ticket Price: $7.99
Scott H. Biram
Graveyard Shift is raw, it's muddy, it's chaotic, it's ultra-primal blues and rock and roll with a country heart beating underneath. It's incomparable to any one-man band we've seen or heard. Biram and his squalling '59 Gibson hollow-body electric throw down the salvation with such gavel-like conviction that you'll actually start to believe his dose of snake oil just might cure the lame, make the blind see, and stop that goddamned woman from pissing you off. After years of playing as a trio, we invited guitarist Geoff Union to join the Band. Instantly, we felt so at home that we hunkered down in the back yard and got to work on some recordings. David Grisman and Vassar Clements stopped by while they were in town and added their touch to a couple tracks. From the lonesome to the lithesome, this album marks our beginning in the ongoing search for the sound. This is what we have found...insofarasmuch.
Two High String Band--Moonshine Boogie Wayne Sutton--Walking Disaster
Ticket Price: $7.99
Ticket Price: $9.00
What Made Milwaukee Famous--Trying to Never Catch Up What Made Milwaukee Famous--What Doesn't Kill Us
Ticket Price: $10.99
Ticket Price: $9.99
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