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We're fans of struggling, undiscovered artists, working and paying their dues. We're also fans of people who have paid their dues, but for one reason or another have never gained admission to major label stardom.

Your Texas Music is the place to go for tickets to shows by Texas artists, Texas music CDs on independent labels, Texas music downloads, and art by Texas artists.

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Even though most people use search engines to look for specific product, we're from an earlier generation and we like to have things classed and grouped in advance. Of course that means we did some of the work in advance, but that's ok.
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Abi Tapia--Beauty In The Ruin Adam Carroll--Lookin OUt the Screen Door
Ticket Price: 13.00
Ticket Price: 9.99
Abi Tapia

2008's The Beauty in the Ruin explores sadness and frustration, which after 8 years of the starving artist's life Abi had plenty of, but there is a common thread of hope, redemption and joy in all of these supposedly sad songs. It is full of sing-able hooks and straddles country, folk and rock with ease, incorporating fiddle and pedal steel as well as some crunchy electric guitars and big drums. Abi and Chris got along so well that Gage and his wife and partner Christine Albert (together known as the Americana duo Albert and Gage) collaborated with Abi to release The Beauty in the Ruin on their label, MoonHouse Records. Happily, Abi is packing up and heading out across the country with her wanderlusty music in hand.

With a new album to promote, a strong community of friends and fellow artists in Austin, the energy of and support of her partnership with MoonHouse Records and the ability to find the bright side in any situation, how could Abi not be smiling? But she won't stop moving, because there could always be something even better just over the horizon.

Includes the Song "Race Car Joe" which has been recorded by Slaid Cleaves on his 2006 release "Unsung" Also includes the song "Old Milwaukees Best" which was released on the "Brewed in Texas" Cd
Adam Carroll--Old Town Rock n Roll Aimee Bobruk--The Safety Match Journal
List Price: $12.97
Ticket Price: 9.99
Ticket Price: 9.99
Adam Carroll possesses a sense for detailed narratives, direct unaffected poetics. Balancing ballads of touching depth with odes to rounders, Carroll continually surprises with his delicate turns of phrase. A sweet, sensual and surprising album from start to finish Austin's Aimee Bobruk takes every opportunity to defy convention.
Maverick (Oct 2009)
Bruce Robison--His Greatest Bruce Robison--It Came From San Antonio
List Price: $14.97
Ticket Price: 11.99
List Price: $10.00
Ticket Price: 6.99
Bruce Robison--The New World Caroline Herring--Twilight
List Price: $14.97
Ticket Price: 11.99
Ticket Price: 13.00
Twilight CD Cover
Caroline Herring's Twilight features 11 great tunes and features Richard Bowden, Bryn and Billy Bright, Paul Glasse, John Inmon, Lloyd Maines, Eamon McLoughlin, Paul Peavey, Jeff Plankenhorn, and Peter Rowan. It was produced by John Inmon.
Carrie Elkin-The Jeopardy of Circumstance Christine Albert - Texafrance
Ticket Price: 9.99
Ticket Price: 11.99
Christine Albert - Texafrance
The Jeopardy of Circumstance was produced by committee, with venerable Austin fixture Mark Addison and long-time friend Colin Brooks (The Band of Heathens) combining with Elkin to play approximately 15 instruments, "plus a couple more, depending on if you want to count things like shaking ankle bells inside cowboy boots as an instrument."
Christine Albert - TexaFrance - Encore! Corry Morrow--Vagrants & Kings
Ticket Price: 11.99
List Price: $14.97
Ticket Price: 12.99
Christine Albert - TexaFrance-Encore! Vagrants & Kings
Corry's latest offering finds him at his strongest- artistically, personally and spiritually. His rustic sound remains part singer/songwriter: poetic and acoustic at times. But it’s equal parts country rock: accessible, hooky and rowdy in the tradition of outlaws like the Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson.
Danny Schmidt--instead the forest rose to sing Danny Schmidt--Little Grey Sheep
List Price: $14.97
Ticket Price: 11.99
List Price: $14.97
Ticket Price: 9.99
The album as a whole is a collection of songs interwoven together around the question: "What is the value of our work? And what the hell is 'wealth' exactly?" Most of the songs on the album had been orphaned at some point in their lifetimes.
Danny Schmidt--Make Right the Time Danny Schmidt--Parables & Primes
List Price: $14.97
Ticket Price: 9.99
List Price: $14.97
Ticket Price: 9.99
"When I started making this album -- I looked at the pile of songs I had to pick through -- especially the more recent tracks -- and it looked to me like this was gonna be a fairly political album. Which, in a sense, is true of the way things turned out.

The thing to me that these songs share is . . . well, they share two things, actually:

1) They're written metaphorically and symbolically and in allegory and in parable...
2) They deal with deep-down-in-your-marrow sort of primal themes...
Don Sanders - El Mosquito in My Kitchen Don Sanders - Tourist Revisited
Ticket Price: 11.99
Ticket Price: 14.99
Don Sanders - El Mosquito in My  Kitchen Don Sanders - Tourist Revisited
A few words from Don:
In the eighties, Gustavo Wenjoe introduced me to the songs of Nueva Trova. Reading “NACLA Reports,” I learned Oliver North’s role in financing Reagan’s Contra’s. And in Mexico City, I met the woman who became my spouse. The Mexican peso was revalued and cross border business suffered. An El Paso club went from booking two week engagements to weekends only. Devaluation was followed by the Texas oil bust and real estate crash. I found extra work as an actor, worked as an artist in residence, and studied for a Master’s degree in Spanish. Amidst all this, I wrote and performed a one man theater show called “El Peregrino.” Many of the songs on the LP were part of that show. Originally released on vinyl, the recording has been re-mastered for CD and I’ve added two extra songs.

Thanks for your support throughout the years, DS
Don Sanders -Heavy Word User Gary Burgess-I Must Be There
Ticket Price: $14.99
Just After Release Price: 12.95
Ticket Price: 8.95
Don Sanders -Heavy Word User Gary Burgess-I Must Be There
A great five song collection featuring the masterful lyricism of Gary Burgess's words and music along with the powerful guitar playing of Clive Gregson.
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